Look one in a million with Crystal tiara

Look one in a million on your Wedding Day with a beautiful crystal and glass bridal hair vine.

Hair vines are a simply stunning way to dress the hair with a charm.  Whether your theme is crystal or pearl the bridal hair vines are a perfect accessory to complement a sensational wedding gown. It is perfect to add a bit of sparkle and to bring your wedding dress and hair together for “The Day”.


Ivory pearl vine/ crystal tiara

Ivory pearl vine/ crystal tiara

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Description for ivory pearl vine

  • Made of glass beads, clear beads, glass ivory pearl, crystal, wire.
  • Colour – crystal, ivory, clear
  • The size of the vine is approximately 30 cm long (12 inches)
  • May be worn as a headband, halo, vine (secure with ribbon ties)
  • May be worn in the back, secured with bobby pins.

Please note that Bobby pins and ribbon are not included.

light pink crystal

Light pink crystal tiara

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Description for light pink beaded vine

  • This delicate pink beaded vine consists of a flexible vine and a pin. You can put this vine on by many different ways, flex it between curls (locks), put as a garland on the forehead. The pin can be put on any place of the vine, creating a unique pattern.
  • The vine can be fixed by two different ways:
    1. Fasten it with ribbons as a wreath (the ribbons are not in the set, you can choose them yourself, find any suiting colour), the ribbons can be easily tied up to the ends of the vine.
    2. Fasten it to the hair by hair-pins and hair-clips, with the help of the hairdresser.
  • Colour-mix Light Pink, clear (crystal) I can change the rose beads to white or cream (contact me if you want to change the colour)
  • Size of the vine is approx. 50 cm (19 inches)
  • Size of the pin is approx. 13 cm long (5 inches)
  • Silver wire vine
  • Glass beads, crystal beads, light pink beads

Overall both are excellent products with good quality.

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