Add colour to your home with Artificial flowers

Lovely orchid artificial flowers
Flowers add colour to surroundings and home. Reason to opt for artificial flowers is not to reduce cost alone. Artificial flowers are the best option for people with allergies or hay fever. Artificial flowers can really give you the exact same look and even feel sometimes. The best thing is you can keep these flowers forever!

Bursting with colour and personality the Phalaenopsis is perhaps the most popular variety of all the orchids.

So why not treat yourself or decorate your home with these lovely silk orchid artificial flowers. They are beautiful and look very much real. The bonsai plant has some bright red coloured flowers made of good material. The plant is glued well to the ceramic base to keep it intact. This is a great item for gifting purposes or to decorate your kitchen or living room.

• Specification: plastic handle simulation Phalaenopsis (orchid) + magnesia porcelain pot
• One layer of glue has been sprayed on silk petals which makes it look real both in appearance and touch
• Size: Length about 25cm, width of about 10cm, overall height of about 27cm.
• The stems of Phalaenopsis can be bent to the appropriate radian

On top of allergy relief, artificial flowers also have the extra added bonuses:

  • Artificial flowers won’t wilt or stain
  • They can be any colour you want
  • They can be customised to suit you
  • They’ll last forever
  • You don’t need to water them or take care of them

These potted orchids are a good artificial option, they look quite real. They are a good size too, not over the top. The best bit is you don’t have to worry about keeping them alive! Featuring nearly natural leaves, moss and roots, this familiar favourite is sure to charm the masses.

Some of the other options in orchid artificial flowers are as below:

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