Air Purifying Plants

Air purifying plants clean up the air in your home. Plants naturally suck up pollutants from the air and pump out lots of lovely oxygen. The more plants you have, the more air-purifying power. If you are a plant lover and looking for low maintenance plants then air purifying plants are a good option.

Air Purifying Plants

Spider plant

Spider plant is a classic houseplant that has been grown indoors for decades because it’s incredibly easy to take care of.

  • Water it lightly and don’t let the plant sit in water
  • Give it bright and indirect light for best results. It will be fine in lower light too, but growth will be weaker.
  • Give it a growth boost by feeding it with liquid fertiliser once per month in spring and summer.

Guess what – no one is afraid of this spider.

A healthy plant will develop little plantlets on long stems. You can pinch these off and put them in compost to easily create new plants.

Snake plants

If you’ve never taken care of a plant before and want an easy start, the snake plant is the one for you. You’d have to try pretty hard to actually kill one.

  • It thrives on neglect, responding best to the lightest of watering and then just being left alone.
  • It will appreciate a feed with liquid fertiliser once per month in spring and summer
  • Spray the leaves with water to keep the pores free of dust

Snake plant is a superb plant for the bedroom because it stores oxygen during the day and releases it all at night.

Peace Lily

Peace lilies love steamy conditions. As exotic as it looks, its light and water needs are modest. It will cope in quite low light, though prefers indirect light, and as long as its humidity needs are met it’s generally happy and should flower throughout spring. It will appreciate a feed with liquid fertiliser once per month in spring and summer. As well as being an elegant beauty, this plant is a hardworking air-purifyer.

  • Water modestly, especially when the soil is dry
  • Prefers bright spot
  • You can spray water on leaves as they love humidity

Put peace lily in the shower once a week for a few minutes under lukewarm water and let the excess drain off.

Spray bottle – Spray bottles are essential to keep your indoor plant healthy. They keep the leaves dust free and certain house plants thrive with a light spraying

Spray bottle

Choose the best planter for your plants – Some love their terra cot pots but I personally love the ceramic classy planters. There are pros and cons with each of the pots. I would recommend keeping the indoor plants in a container with drainage holes and then leave it in a planter of your choice.

Modern and classy planter

Modern and contemporary planter are an ideal addition to any new or modern home. The gold accents give a nice sleek finish.

Modern and classy planter

Sea grass planter basket

Sea grass planter basket gives a retro-chic look to your home. They are light weight and give a natural look. They also create a tropical vibe around your home.

Seagrass planter basket
Sea grass planter basket

Ceramic planter with stand

The ceramic planter with stand will help you showcase your plant without the help of a table. It looks very flattering and could easily be the center piece of any room, 

Ceramic planter
Ceramic planter with stand

Geometric planter for indoor plants or succulents

Geometric planter

Succulent planter

A quick peek into my indoor house plant collection…

Areca palm plant

I have placed my Areca palm plant in a simple plain elegant pink planter. Palm plants looks so lovely and brightens up any room. They come in different sizes so pick the one that suits your room. I have placed my Areca palm plant on the first floor landing.

Small Areca palm plant

Big Areca palm plant

Joys of opening my bedroom curtain in the morning and looking at this beauty – Beautiful red rose in a golden planter to match my curtains.

Indoor rose plant

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